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Energy Efficiency

Operating your heat and A/C can account for more than half your energy bill – if you are looking to save some money, reducing the amount of energy expended to run your HVAC systems is a great place to start.

Going Green?

HVAC systems have a big impact on our pocketbooks and the planet, and that is why it is our top priority to be trained and certified on the latest technology in efficiency. During annual maintenance, or when you need a repair, consider efficiency upgrades – it could seriously lower your energy bills!

Talk to one of the eco-friendly experts at Gelinas HVAC today – where going green is easier than ever!

Tips to Save on Heating and Cooling Costs

Programmable Thermostats
You can save as much as 10% per year on heating and cooling simply by utilizing a programmable thermostat to manage your settings! Simply by adjusting your thermostat when you are not home or are asleep has big payoffs. The easiest way to do this is to install a programmable thermostat. Most homeowners can install them themselves in a few minutes.

Ducts & Water Pipes
Properly sealed, insulated and well-placed ducts and water pipes have a big impact on energy bills. When ducts leak heated air into unheated spaces (like your attic), or water pipes are uninsulated, the result can be hundreds more dollars per year in energy costs.

Controlling Humidity & Ventilation
Controlling humidity and ventilation is a critical part of your heating and cooling, and have a big impact on the efficiency of your HVAC systems. Moisture in your home, and the degree to which it can properly vent, affects the efficiency of your HVAC systems.

Sealing Air Leaks
The average Maine home is estimated to have air leaks equivalent to the size of a large window! Caulking cracks and openings in building materials, and installing weather-stripping around doors and windows, is a relatively quick and simple solution that most homeowners can do themselves over the course of a weekend for immediate savings payoff.

Maintain Your HVAC Systems
Having regular annual maintenance, and planning for preventive care, of all HVAC units is one of the best ways to preserve the lifespan of this expensive equipment, and keep them running efficiently so they don’t use excess energy. Replace the filter in your furnace every month or so during high-use months goes a long way in the equipment’s efficiency, improving efficiency and energy consumption by 50%.

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