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A/C & Air Conditioning Services

Providing the Best Residential Air Conditioning Services!

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We want you to have the best in comfort and savings for your air conditioning system. Additionally, we know you want a system that is quiet, has good temperature controls, and is reliable. We will assess your current conditions including the size of the building, level of insulation, and your unique requirement so we can design a system that is right for you.

Gelinas HVAC is your full service provider of the best in air conditioning maintenance and new installations.

Our Air Cooling Services Include:

  • Service, Repairs, Replacement of existing fixtures and systems
  • Energy Efficient Upgrades
  • Rooftop Units
  • Humidification Control Systems
  • Annual System Inspection & Maintenance
  • Service Contracts
  • Whole System/Building Assessment & Management
  • Indoor Air Quality Testing

Free Consultations & Estimates
We want you to have the right air cooling system to match your needs – nothing more, nothing less. Our A/C experts are happy to provide a free consultation to determine your individual needs, and offer you options for the best quality and energy efficiency. We have a wide product selection, excellent service agreements, and the right pricing structure to insure your complete satisfaction.

Going Green?
Going Green? Air Cooling & Conditioning systems have a big impact on our pocketbooks and the planet, and that is why it is our top priority to be trained and certified on the latest technology in efficient cooling systems. We offer Energy Star qualified products that have met the strict EPA efficiency guidelines for long-term energy savings. Our expert can show you calculations of how Energy Star cooling equipment can help you. Talk to one of the eco-friendly experts at Gelinas HVAC today where going green is easier than ever.

Please call us 207.885.0771 so we can provide a solution to your A/C needs!

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