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Heat Pumps

Save as much as 30% on energy consumption with dependable, efficient heat pumps!

maine heat pump installation

Heat Pumps are a great alternative to traditional heating and cooling systems – all in one assembly! They provide a central system that is extremely energy efficient, and far less invasive to install than traditional heating and cooling systems. Because they move heat rather than generate heat, they do not require fuel consumption, and provide equivalent space heating and conditioning at 1/4 of the cost of operating conventional heating and cooling appliances.

Like traditional refrigerant systems, heat pumps use a compressor to absorb heat energy in the air and circulate it between the outdoors and indoors – as heat in cold months or reversing as cool air in warm months. The heat pump system consists of an indoor unit called an Air Handler, and an outdoor unit that is called the Heat Pump. When it is cold outside, it extracts the natural heat energy in the air and moves it inside. When it is warm outside, it reverses the process like a traditional air conditioner and removes the heat from the inside.

Features You Will Love:

heat installation
  • Less invasive interior installation – circulating unit can be placed on any flat ceiling, wall or floor surface.
  • One outdoor unit provides for multiple indoor units, with individual temperature controls for whole-house comfort.
  • Self Modulating – “Set it and forget it” and keep control of interior temperature without being there.
  • Compressors and motors are in an outside unit to provide a quiet indoor environment.
  • Improved air quality with electrostatic air filter that absorbs dust, mold spores, and microorganisms, with ion deodorization.
  • Provides heating to temperatures as low as -15F

Annual Savings:

  • 30% over current consumption and equipment costs of propane *
  • 20% over current consumption and equipment costs of natural gas *

*Cost savings are approximate, and based on current market conditions.

Please call us 207.885.0771 to discuss how a Heat Pump can change the way you think about heating and air conditioning! We also provide maintenance, cleaning and servicing of heat pumps.