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3 DIY Steps to Prep Your Furnace for Winter

Prep your furnace for winter! It’s always a bad idea it is to wait until you need your heating equipment to check and see if it is working properly. As soon as temperatures dip below 30, we guarantee you our phones will be ringing! The problem with waiting and hoping everything is working fine, is that sometimes it’s not. Emergency repairs to your heating system can be very costly. Living without heat for several days, to even weeks if you need a replacement system, can be uncomfortable and dangerous.

The best thing you can do is be proactive by testing out your furnace now, before there’s a really cold morning and you need it. All you need to do is turn it on, and let it run a cycle.

Make sure your heating system is fully operational by following these tips:

  • Listen for any loud or strange sounds – it should cycle on and off without loud booms, and shouldn’t clang or bang while it runs.
  • Check all your zones, if you have them, and make sure the temperature goes up a degree or two.
  • There should be no bad odors, especially exhaust fumes, while it is running.

This simple check can save you a lot of heartache. If your furnace needs repair, the reality is that you will need to make a service call and wait for a technician to get there and diagnose your problem. Then you will wait to get on the schedule for a repair, or, worse, get quotes for replacement costs. If you need to have your system replaced, you might need to wait 2 – 4 weeks for that to be completed.

Can you wait 2 – 4 weeks with no heat?! Prep Your Furnace for Winter

Don’t wait until its 30-degrees out, your furnace isn’t working, and you are one of 75 emergency calls waiting for a repair! Take 30 minutes to test out your heating system this weekend.

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