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Depend on a Sump Pump? Protect Your Home with Sump Pump Monitoring

Sump pumps are usually in areas that don’t get much attention. But if your basement floods – that will get your attention pretty quickly! With a Moen Sump Pump Monitor you can be notified immediately if the water level is too high or there are other unusual conditions in the area around your sump pump.

Know about a problem – BEFORE it’s too late.

Moen Smart Sump Pump Monitor

Having this monitoring technology installed really gives homeowners peace of mind knowing their sump pump area is monitored 24/7 for potential failures.

The Moen™ Smart Sump Pump Monitor turns any sump pump into a smart sump pump by tracking its water levels and performance in real time and notifying you the moment conditions change. Whether you are at home, on the go, or away on vacation, you can rest assured that your home is protected from a sump pump failure or flooding.

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Moen Smart Sump Pump Monitor

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There Are SO MANY!
Moen Smart Sump Pump Monitor Benefits

Real-Time Monitoring with 24/7 Alerts

If the Smart Sump Pump Monitor detects high water levels, a leak, extreme temperatures or humidity, you’ll receive alerts immediately so you can react in real time to help prevent water damage.

In addition to alerting you through the Moen app, you can choose to receive email, text and phone call notifications as well. Voice activation is also available with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Water-Level Sensor Technology

The Monitor has a Smart Water-Level Sensor that uses infrared technology to constantly monitor the water level in the sump pump basin to alert you if your pump isn’t working properly or there is a flooding risk.

Outage Alerts

If you’re away from home, the monitor will notify you about power or Wi-Fi outages that could disrupt your pump, so you know to check it as soon as you get home.

Remote Leak Sensing Disc

Connected to the Monitor unit is a Remote Leak Sensing Disc. This sits on the surface outside the sump hole to give you another layer of protection. If the Disc detects water, excess humidity, or extreme temperatures near the sump pump area, including from your home’s foundation or other leaky fixtures, it will notify you immediately.

Water Level, Leak, Freeze and Humidity Monitoring

Audible Alarm

If you happen to not hear your phone and miss an automated alert, the Sump Pump Monitor has an audible siren that will sound if it detects a flooding risk.

Built-in Backup

We love this feature! If your Smart Sump Pump Monitor detects a leak or other issue while your power or Wi-Fi is out, the unit has a backup 9-Volt battery that will sound an alarm to alert you.

Battery Backup Testing

Your monitor also automatically runs periodic tests on your battery backup system to be sure your home is protected from flooding risks all the time.

You DON’T Have To Buy a New Sump Pump

The Moen Smart Sump Pump Monitor is designed to work with any sump pump up to and including 1 horsepower (HP).

Home Protection & Peace of Mind in the Palm of Your Hand

Having the Moen Smart Water app turns this revolutionary technology into equipment you can monitor and manage from anywhere using your smartphone or other device.

  • Sump basin water levels
  • Loss of power
  • WiFi status
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Pump failures or abnormalities
  • Backup sump pump performance
  • Water leaks near or around sump pump area

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Moen Smart Sump Pump Monitor

SPECIAL $650 Installed

Normally $750 – SAVE $100
Ends February 29, 2024