Category: Maintenance

3 DIY Steps to Prep Your Furnace for Winter

It’s always a bad idea it is to wait until you need your heating equipment to check and see if it is working properly. This coming weekend is forecasting temperatures below 30, and I guarantee you our phones will be ringing! The best thing you can do is be proactive by testing out your furnace […]

Let us SAVE you some money this season!

Gelinas Loyalty Maintenance Program Ahhhh FALL! The cool nights are here, and that means one thing – cold mornings! It’s also time to schedule your heating system for its annual cleaning and inspection. We’d love to have you, or someone you know, as one of our customers at Gelinas, and want you to be aware of […]

Allergy Relief from Your HVAC

Late summer plants and flowers are some of the worst allergy offenders, and as ragweed and goldenrod begin to show up, so do seasonal allergies. Great news! Your HVAC system can go a long way to remove allergens in your home, and keep new ones from entering. Some easy steps on your part can significantly […]