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FEBRUARY SPECIAL OFFER – SAVE $100 Smart Sump Pump Monitor

Monitoring Sump Pump Performance for Peace of Mind

Moen Smart Sump Pump Monitor

SPECIAL $650 Installed

Normally $750 – SAVE $100

The Moen Smart Sump Pump Monitor offers homeowners peace of mind by monitoring their sump pump’s performance through smart technology. Get 24/7 alerts of potential failures – before it´s too late. The Moen Smart Sump Pump Monitor retrofits to any existing sump pump brand or size (up to 1 HP).

Why do you need one?

Sump pumps perform an important job, yet tend to go unnoticed. With the Moen Monitor, there’s no need to worry about flooding or breakdowns.

When the water levels get too high or there are unusual conditions in the sump pump area, the immediate notifications will allow you to address issues before they become disastrous water damage.

24/7 Monitoring with Smartphone Alerts

Away-from-Home Access

Outage & Freeze Alerts

Leak Detection

Humidity Monitoring

Voice Integration


Smart Sump Pump Monitor
Flo® Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff
Smart Leak Detector

Welcome to the home’s first Smart Water Network – an ecosystem of smart water products integrated by the Moen Smart Water App. As part of this network, smart water security products monitor for water leaks, collect water usage data, shut off the water supply when necessary and more.