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Smart Water Leak Detectors Can Save You from a Catastrophe

When you think of home safety – do you think about your water?

Smart water leak detectors can save you a lot of money. Did you know your home is seven times more likely to suffer a catastrophic water failure than go through a theft or a fire? Because significant plumbing failures can pump thousands of gallons of water into your home in a matter of minutes, these failures are truly catastrophic with the loss of valuables, potentially not being able to live in your home, and of course, the water damage repairs required. SO, water safety is important!

Smart Water Leak Detectors

Why Consider a Smart Water Safety System

Millions of homeowners are affected by water damage every year, often resulting in devastating financial, health and emotional costs. Plumbing systems old and new can be at risk of a failure – leaking fixtures, faulty plumbing joints, burst water heaters, frozen pipes. Water is not only expensive, and a dwindling resource, but it can cause significant damage to homes. All homeowners – and those with second homes or who are south for the winter – will benefit from the installation of Smart Water Leak Detectors.

Controlling and monitoring your home’s water is crucial.

Every year, 13% of our water is lost due to leaks. That’s trillions of gallons of water every year. That is a lot of water going to waste, and it’s causing billions of dollars of damage to our homes.


Smart Water Leak Detectors
  • Flo® Smart Water Monitor & Shutoff
  • Smart Leak Detector
  • Smart Sump Pump Monitor
  • Smart Faucet
  • Smart Shower

What if you had full access to your home’s water usage and the ability to detect even the smallest of leaks before they result in flooding, lost valuables, mold, relocation and costly repairs?

Flo by Moen Smart Home Water Security System

Meet Flo by Moen – the smart water supply monitoring and leak detection system. Flo’s smart water device can inform you of a leak regardless of where you are. AND, what’s really important about this system is that this is a smart water sensor that doesn’t just send you an alert, it also includes a simple, automatic water shutoff when a leak is detected.

The Flo by Moen Provides Complete Home Monitoring:

  • Proactively Monitors Water Pressure, Temperature & Flow
  • Single Device Monitors & Protects Entire Home
  • Can Automatically Shut Off Water Supply
  • No Hub Required
  • Helps detect water line leaks throughout the house, including behind walls, in the foundation, washers, toilets, etc.
  • Monitors Your Home 24/7 & App Notifies You Wherever You Are

Home Water Security – The Most Important Smart Home Device

The Moen Flo monitors the whole water/plumbing system. Its microleak technology can identify the smallest of leaks at just one drop per minute. What is also really handy is that it provides monitoring of total water usage, helping homeowners to manage water consumption and save on utility bills. Over time, through use of the app, it learns the different equipment on your system – toilets, faucets, etc. – to deliver dependable, accurate calculations.

Smart Water Leak Detectors easy install

Flo Smart Leak Detection

Flo by Moen system starts with Smart Water Leak Detectors. The small, standalone sensor can be placed anywhere in a home to alert you when and where it detects moisture to help prevent water damage and loss. Each detector has a long wearing, replaceable battery. The sensors can be placed anywhere you think you could have a leak – next to a toilet, hot water heater, dishwasher, or other water-sourced appliance. It comes with a little disk on a cable from the device so you can get it in hard to reach places like behind the dishwasher or under the hot water tank.

Smart Water Leak sensor

If the Smart Leak Detector senses the presence of high humidity, water, or extreme temperature, it will alert you immediately via the app. You can set your preferences for alerts via text, phone call or email.

Flo Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff

Detecting a leak is first step, but what about shut off. The heart of the Moen Flo System is the Smart Monitor and Shutoff device. Once professionally installed by a plumber, the monitor detects the temperature, flow/usage, and overall water pressure. If your water temperature goes down to the dangerous freezing levels, the alert will protect your system from frozen pipes. The daily MicroLeak test helps monitor for even the slightest change in pressure, the indication of a leak somewhere.

Smart Water Leak Detector up close/features

A single tap on the Flo app will open or close the main valve that controls water entering your home. If it detects a leak, you automatically get an alert on your phone so you can take immediate action. The device can be set to auto-shutdown, or you can remotely shut it off through the app.

Protect Your Home with Companion Phone App

Smart Water Leak Detector phone app

The FloSense technology learns a home’s individual water habits and customizes actions. Through the app you can see how many times toilets flushed or how many showers have been taken. Water data collected will help you understand water usage, and how to conserve for better efficiency and savings.

When a leak is detected, it may not be practical for you to get home right away to fix it. The app that goes with the Moen Flo Smart Water System solves that problem. When installed correctly, it can automatically (or manually via the app) turn off the main water supply, potentially saving thousands of dollars in damages.

When you think of smart home technology – don’t forget your water!

Smart Water Leak Detector in line unit

These devices can literally save you thousands of dollars in water damage, and the heartache of lost valuables. Have peace of mind whether you are at home or away with a professionally installed Flo by Moen Smart Water Safety System.

  • Flo® Smart Water Monitor & Shutoff
  • Smart Leak Detector
  • Smart Sump Pump Monitor

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*  Need the Flo Smart Shut Off to install all other devices
** Must have WiFi in home

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