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3 Reasons Spring Cleaning Begins with HVAC

We love that one of the most common pieces of feedback we get is how helpful our techs are to our customers – offering them pieces of advice for how they can keep their HVAC systems working properly and troubleshooting issues themselves throughout the year. We are going to be running a special series on our blog and Facebook page throughout April called Spring Cleaning for HVAC.

Let us give you 3 REASONS why your Spring Cleaning begins with your HVAC maintenance:

1. Hidden Allergens

Springtime means increased allergy agony, but what many don’t realize is that your HVAC system can contribute considerably to how many allergens lurk in your home. From mold and pet dander, to dust and other airborne materials, your HVAC equipment is prime territory. Even those not suffering from seasonal allergies can have their health impacted seriously from these airborne irritants.Spring Cleaning

Giving your air filters, A/C coils, debris traps, and ductwork a thorough cleaning each season is very important to kill and remove harmful allergens.

2. Costs Savings

Dirty equipment is less efficient and needs to run up to 30% longer and harder than clean equipment. Cleaning the filters and coils of heating and cooling systems, making sure there are no blockages or leaks in your ductwork, and checking refrigerant in cooling systems contribute significantly to system performance, and consequently energy costs.

Equipment that is kept clean and well-maintained lasts longer! A routine service call is far less expensive than an emergency weekend call-in. The time you spend this weekend, or having us come in to do an annual cleaning and service on your equipment, can save you hundreds of times over the cost of system replacement.Spring Cleaning

3. Preparedness

There is a great quote that is more often used for business – “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” Preventative care of your HVAC systems allows problems to be diagnosed and fixed before they become serious, and huge inconveniences. Not only can your spring cleaning efforts head off potential breakdowns, but you have time to prepare, plan and budget for any major repairs or replacements.Save with green energy

Happy Spring! Let us know how we can help you take control of YOUR spring HVAC cleaning!

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