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3 Steps to a NEW Kitchen or Bathroom in a Weekend!

Giving your kitchen a new look, or improving the appearance of your bathroom, doesn’t have to mean a big overhaul and tons of money. Surprisingly, by swapping out worn-out, mismatched fixtures for new ones, you can turn a dated, tired room into a sparkling new statement room over a weekend! There are also considerable benefits to updating your plumbing fixtures including improving your home’s value, energy savings with new efficient fixtures, and catching leaks before they cause major problems.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars, and months under construction, to update your kitchen or bathroom, try these simple changes that will only take a few days to complete. Simply by changing out your plumbing fixtures, updating cabinet hardware, and applying a fresh coat of paint, you canUpdate bathrrom fixtures create the look of a whole new space in a weekend’s time.

Step 1. Purchase Updated Plumbing Fixtures
Step 2. Update Cabinet and Wall Hardware
Step 3. Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

Plumbing fixtures take a beating, and over time they begin to wear out, get loose, and look plain grimy. We get used to the way our rooms look, but by replacing and updating plumbing fixtures, a room can truly look completely different very quickly. Especially if you have a patchwork of fixtures, or ones that are styles from completely different eras (maybe even the last century!), the impact of shiny new ones will amaze you!

Selecting New Plumbing Fixtures

The first step to this weekend upgrade is to choose new plumbing fixtures for your room. Major considerations include:
Update kitchen fixtures

  • Quality
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Finishes
  • Quantity & Specifics – Take a List!

Plumbing fixture price-points are wide ranging, from less than $100 to several hundreds, per fixture. Knowing your budget, and the number of fixtures you need to replace, before heading to the store will help you keep things under control, and allow you to finish with a complete new look. Research quality products within your price range so your investment will last. Be sure to head out to the store with an itemized list in hand, after carefully measuring your individual spaces at home, so you can make one, efficient trip. Keep in mind things such as faucet height, plumbing requirements for hot/cold water piping and fixtures (two separate handles or one central fixture, etc.), and details such as tub versus shower fixtures required (an enclosed tub needs both tub fixtures as well as a shower head).

In the last few years, energy efficiency and consumption usage has evolved a lot in plumbing fixtures. Companies are now focusing on more efficient faucets, toilets, and shower heads which can save you significantly on utility costs annually. It is worth the effort to look for the most efficient new fixtures for your update, and it doesn’t mean you will sacrifice water pressure.

Update shower headHaving all the same finish is key – chrome, gold-tone, brush-finish, brass, antique looks…there are plenty of choices now on the market. They are all nice looking, but you want your room to have a cohesive flow and match, so pick one type of finish and stick with it throughout the space.

Update Cabinet and Wall Hardware

Remember to swap out details such as towel racks and hooks, cabinet hardware, and window dressing hardware, as these draw more eye-appeal than we realize. Be sure to choose ones that both match the finish of the new plumbing fixtures, and pick up modern décor styles. Keeping all your hardware consistent with the look of your plumbing fixtures will make the whole room cohesive and give the room a complete aesthetic appeal.

Fresh Paint for the Finishing Touch

Now that your room is popping with shiny new fixtures and hardware, the walls may look a little dull. Removing old wallpapers, giving holes and dings a coat of Spackle, and adding a fresh coat of paint over a weekend will complete your room making it look entirely new!