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5 Reasons NOW is the Time to Service Your Air Conditioning

While it may seem like summer is still a ways off, NOW is the right time to have your Air Conditioning inspected and cleaned. If you need any repairs or replacement parts you want to make sure they can be completed in time those hot summer days.

Servicing Your Air conditioning annually will ensure it is running safely and efficiently.

Just like our vehicles require service to keep running properly, so do air conditioning units. Air conditioning systems should be serviced annually to inspect the coils, condensers and drainage, and to replace the filters. Regular, annual inspection and cleaning of your A/C will reduce your energy consumption and help to avoid costly replacements.

Here are our 5 top reasons that it’s important to get your unit checked well before the summer begins:
electrical work

Air Conditioning Will Be Ready to Operate when You Need It

Normally this wouldn’t be our first point to make, but these days parts can be tough to come by, and shipping delays are the norm. We find we are waiting several weeks (or more!) for parts to come in. If your system needs any replacement parts and you wait until summer to have it checked, you may not even get to use your A/C this season!

Annual Maintenance Prevents Breakdowns

Annual inspection and cleaning of your air conditioning unit catches problems before they become bigger, more expensive repairs. Regular cleaning and tune-up will reduce the chance of a malfunction or breakdown of your A/C system. Considering the cost of annual maintenance to the cost of a replacement system – it will pay for itself quickly!

The worst scenario is that your air conditioning breaks down in the middle of a heat wave. During the hottest weather the unit works the hardest and this strain can cause failures. An HVAC tech can help with an emergency repair, but it’s certainly preferable to prevent the breakdown in the first place.

More than 50% of air conditioning repairs are caused by lack of maintenance.

Reduce Your Energy Bill

Annual maintenance will keep your A/C working more efficiency, which will reduce your energy bills. If your air conditioner’s coils are dirty, for example, the unit will have to work harder and longer to reach the desired temperature. If you make sure your unit is running in top condition, you can avoid paying more on expensive energy this summer.

Regular Tune-Ups Extend the Life of A/C Equipment

Just like a vehicle, air conditioners that get regular maintenance have longer lifespans. Your unit won’t suffer unnecessary wear and tear or the strain of working harder than necessary if it’s checked regularly. The average air conditioning system should last between 15 and 20 years with regular inspections and cleanings from a certified technician. This will save you a significant amount of money on an early replacement.

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Protect Your Equipment Warranties

Neglecting to schedule annual maintenance can void equipment warranties on many A/C products. Like most equipment, the manufacturer’s warranty on your A/C system may not be recognized if you don’t hold up your end of the deal by keeping up with regular inspections. Make sure you are protecting your financial coverage for repairs!

Schedule Your Inspection & Cleaning Today

If you have a central air conditioning system, it is time to have it professionally serviced before summer heat demands. At Gelinas, we inspect the entire system. This includes cleaning the coils, cleaning the drainage system of any debris, and checking that the electrical system is working safely.

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