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8 Benefits of a Smart Oil Gauge

Check your heating oil level right from your phone – anywhere, anytime.

smart oil gauge

The idea of running out of oil is frightening, and very dangerous. One way to avoid this risk, is to install a Smart Oil Gauge.

The Smart Oil Gauge is a device that is installed on your fuel tank. It keeps track of the oil level in your tank and transmits that data to the app on your phone. When your tank gets low, you won’t be caught off guard because the Smart Oil Gauge will alert you. It’s that simple!

Through the app you can check your tank from your phone or other devices, receive text and email alerts when your tank is low, and track data on your oil consumption. It’s perfect for busy homeowners, snowbirds living down south in the cold months with a home up north to check on, and owners of rental properties.

Here are our favorite features of the Smart Oil Gauge:

Remote Oil Tank Monitoring

You can check your heating oil tank from your smartphone or tablet anytime, from wherever you are. Check your tank from anywhere you have internet access – work, vacation, wherever. If you’ve got a second home or a rental property, it makes monitoring the oil tanks super easy and you can have peace of mind in knowing there’s oil in the tank.

Low-Level Alerts

Running out of oil is an emergency you don’t need. The Smart Oil Gauge will send you text and email alerts when it’s time to order oil. Set your preferences to receive an email notification when the level gets down to the alert tank level you choose.

Count Down to Next Fill

Because the Smart Oil Gauge tracks your daily and weekly usage, it can also determine how many days from now you’ll need to order heating oil. This is a big help for home budgeting and financial planning.

Track Gallons Used Per Day

A really great benefit of the Smart Oil Gauge is that it helps you understand your heating oil usage. You can see exactly how many gallons you are using each day, and what times of the day are the highest usage. This information can help you save oil and determine what to set the thermostat to.

Track Your Usage Throughout the Year

When you can monitor your monthly heating oil usage, you can get a handle on how much it costs to heat your home. Detailed tracking of hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and annual heating oil usage lets you see how much oil you can save by adjusting the thermostat or upgrading equipment.

Energy Efficiency

You can track your heating oil usage by the hour so you can watch how much oil you burn throughout the day. Then you can adjust your settings to conserve if you choose. You can save money on heating oil by optimizing the thermostat settings.

Works With Most Tanks

Versatile design means it’s compatible with most sizes of standard steel tanks, and twin tanks. You can configure your tank size and style in the app. Just use one Smart Oil Gauge and choose this configuration in the app. It does only work with above-ground tanks.

Quality Assembly in the USA

We also like that this product is designed and assembled in the USA of precision-machined aluminum housing. An ultrasonic sensor uses sound to detect the oil level, and will survive some oil being splashed on it.

Stress-Free Home Heating

With the Smart Oil Gauge, you won’t have to remember to go check your oil tank gauge to prevent getting too low on fuel. You also won’t have to rely on those floater-style gauges that are notoriously inaccurate. You can have real-time fuel information, and track consumption in gallons-per-hour so you can see when your high-consumption times are, and what you might save by lowering the thermostat a few degrees.

The product itself costs $179 from Amazon. It’s a do-able DIY for a handy homeowner, or we can install it for you.

Contact Gelinas if you’d like to schedule the installation of your Smart Oil Gauge.