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A Quick Guide to Home Heating

Homeowners have many options now for home heating systems. Not only is our heating system a critical component to home comfort and safety, but it is a major purchase. Making the right choice about this investment is a decision that can last for decades. Efficiency Maine recently released a great brochure which very nicely outlines some major considerations when choosing a new heating system, and includes a great chart outlining the costs associated with each type of system. Check out EM’s Quick Guide to Home Heating.

Some important elements to consider in your choice of heating systems include:

  • Fuel type – will you use oil, propane or natural gas?
  • Type of technology – forced hot water or hot air, or newer heat pump technology?
  • Efficiency of the System – how well does the system use energy resources?
  • Distribution – will heat be circulated via ductwork, radiators, or baseboards?

There are also other considerations when you upgrade your heating system including aesthetics, maintenance requirements, and non-heating functions such as on-demand hot water options and building air quality filtration.

Every system has its own pros and cons, as well as unique costs associated with its installation and operation. The Guide from Efficiency Maine provides detailed information on costs and features of the most popular whole-house heating systems.

Quick Guide to Home Heating

We are always happy to come out to your home or business to fully assess which system is right for your circumstances, and provide specific cost information. All our estimates are FREE!