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Can My HVAC System Spread COVID-19?!

We’ve received a lot of inquiries about the role HVAC systems may play in spreading the coronavirus. Your HVAC system and duct system can contribute to spreading unwanted pathogens (viruses, bacteria, germs) in the air. However, it is not the source of the problem.

The Facts: If the air in your home or business has become contaminated with COVID-19 from someone bringing it into the building, your HVAC equipment can further circulate it. 

This fact causes many to have serious concerns about running their HVAC system. Personal comfort and other health issues are certainly compromised if air conditioning, heat, and circulation is not used inside a living area. While we can’t stop the spread of COVID-19 from coming into the air in your home or business, we can offer a solution. Our Indoor Air Quality products and systems stop its spread and kills the virus in its tracks, eliminating further threat to you, your family and employees.

Gelinas has indoor air quality systems that KILL coronavirus! 

Our systems clean and disinfect indoor air naturally, without adding chemicals into your environment. We carry several air purification systems to meet all building and budget needs: 

Our Portable Unit goes to work immediately to kill dangerous viruses.


Simply plug it into any wall outlet and begin to clean your indoor air immediately – no professional installation required! Destroy dangerous viruses in the air and on surfaces. Learn more. 

Our Installed Units keep your ductwork free from spreading viruses.


If you have forced hot air or traditional air conditioning ductwork, we have fixed, installed systems for indoor air quality. They use high-output germicidal UVC/UVV lamps to kill airborne viruses, bacteria and germs naturally. Learn more. Learn more.