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Cool New Product to Track Your Oil!

Every once in a while, a very cool product comes across our desk to share with you all. We just learned about the Smart Oil Gauge which is a device that is installed on your fuel tank, that keeps track of the oil level in your tank and transmits that data to the app on your phone!

Not only do you not have to make the trek to your oil tank to check the gauge, but those floater-style gauges on our tanks are notoriously inaccurate. NOW you can have real-time fuel information to plan your fills, and the app also lets you track consumption in gallons-per-hour on a handy graph so you can see when your high-consumption times are.

Haven’t you always wondered if lowering your thermostat a few degrees would really make a difference? Well, with the Smart Oil Gauge, the gallons-per-hour graph can show you exactly how much oil you are consuming, when, so you can find out once and for all what you might save by lowering the thermostat a few degrees!

Oil tank tracking

This product is not just perfect for the tech junkie who doesn’t want to walk to the oil tank, but is great for people with investment-rental properties or second homes to keep better track of oil consumption and fuel delivery needs. And when your tank is low, it sends a text message alerting you too! The recent fuel oil delivery issues, and people running out of oil, has taught us how valuable this app would be.Smart Oil Gauge App

The product itself costs $169, and is a very do-able DIY for a homeowner. Gelinas can also come install it for you at about an hour’s labor time. A very affordable upgrade to monitor and track your oil tank consumption, and relieve any worries about how much oil you have in your tank!