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Heat Pump Hot Water Heater Facts You Need to Know!

Heat pump water heaters are extremely popular because they produce plenty of hot water, and because they are very energy efficient. They can save more than $3,500 over their lifespan, and use far less electricity than traditional tank hot water heaters.

Advantages of Heat Pump Water Heaters:

  • Provide plenty of hot water
  • High energy efficiency
  • Save thousands over lifespan
  • Typically have 10+ year warranties
  • Dehumidify as they heat water

Heat pump water heaters have a large water tank so they have plenty of hot water ready when you need it. They also dehumidify. They save an average of $300 per year compared to the cost of typical tank water heaters. Learn more about how they work and installation requirements.

Heat pump water heaters save up to 50% of energy costs compared to standard electric water heaters.

Hot Water Heaters
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Hot Water Heaters

How does a heat pump hot water heater work?

Heat pump water heaters work like air conditioning, but instead of moving heat from the room to the outdoors, they move the heat to the water tank. For every unit of electricity they use, three units of heat are added to the water. One unit from the electricity and two units of heat from the room. This is an extremely energy efficient process, making them far less expensive to operate.

Get the most out of your heat pump water heater:

1 – Set the water heater to the lowest temperature that works for you.

2 – Use “Heat Pump Only” mode when possible.

3 – Heat pump water heaters get their heat from the air around them so maximize the heater’s accessible space. If it’s in a small room, open the door to give the heater access to more air.

4 – Be sure there is no household items or furniture impeding the air flow to and from the unit.

5 – Be sure to clean the filter regularly. Watch for the unit’s indicator light that it’s time to rinse out the filter (don’t forget to reset the indicator light).

6 – Put the heater on “Vacation Mode” if you are leaving your home for an extended period of time to reduce the energy usage and wear and tear on the unit.

SAVE as much as $850 on a new heat pump hot water heater!

Thousands of Mainers have taken advantage of Efficiency Maine’s heat pump water heater incentive program. There are several ways to save, and Gelinas HVAC is a Registered Residential Vendor for Efficiency Maine. Please contact us to learn more, or check out Efficiency Maine’s incentive program.

Hot Water Heaters
Gelinas HVAC is a Registered Residential Vendor for Efficiency Maine