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Quick Tip: Wet Switches Prevent Water Damage

No one wants to encounter plumbing or HVAC leaks, but most of us simply hope it will never happen. However, instead of taking chances and risk coming home to 5-feet of water in your basement (yes, we have seen this happen!), why not take a proactive approach to handling a water leak or drainage problem. Installing a Wet Switch Detector is a simple solution that can be installed into any existing HVAC system, or piece of equipment, without any further modifications being required.

Wet SwitchA Wet Switch is installed at the water source of any piece of equipment or appliance, and when water is detected, it automatically shuts off the water supply. Some models also include an alarm to notify you immediately of a leak or drainage failure.

This is a modification that is best left to a professional plumber because water pipes must be cut to install the sensor, electrical sources need to be managed, and in some cases the equipment controls must be tied into. Our pros at Gelinas are happy to come install Wet Switches for you!

Pro Recommendation:

We think installing a Wet Switch on your tank-style hot water heater is a no brainer! Our favorite product:LeakBreaker

LeakBreaker® by Taco Comfort Solutions
The Taco LeakBreaker® is a water heater leak protection device that protects against flood damage from the containment failure of a water heater. It consists of a control unit, a valve with actuator and a sensor. This resettable, testable protection device can be installed on any style water heater to shut off the incoming water supply, preventing additional water flow to a damaged water heater. The two-color LED light and audible alarm lets you know the status of LeakBreaker at all times.