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Quick Tip: Saving on A/C

It’s summer. It’s hot. Your air conditioning is running constantly. As the house cools down, you see those decreasing temperatures turning into dollar signs on your electric bill. Try these tips to save a few bucks on your A/C this summer without breaking a sweat:

Close Some Vents

For central cooling systems, shut the vents in rooms you don’t use, and close the doors to those rooms. Pay attention to closing vents near the thermostat, as you don’t want to impact your comfort in living areas.

Change Your Air FiltersAir filter maintenance

Check your air filters every month. If you have pets or kids running around, dust likely accumulates quicker than you think, reducing efficiency of the unit.

Keep Cold Air Inside the House

Make sure your cool air isn’t leaking right out of the house. While wall insulation is key, you can improve air loss by caulk around windows and doors, and add insulation where you can.

Set Your Temperature Based on Humidity

You’re Air Conditioning fan should be on higher speeds during normal hot summer days, but when it’s really humid out, it actually works better to set the fan speed on low. Slower air movement will help to remove moisture from the air better than faster movement. Science at work!

Maintenance Maintenance Maintenance!

Your A/C unit needs to be cared for to run in tip-top shape. Hire a professional to service it once a year.