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SpacePak: A Non-Invasive, High Efficiency Central Heating & Air Conditioning Option for Your Home

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Central Air… Anywhere

 If you are looking for a non-invasive, super-efficient central heating and cooling system, SpacePak might be the answer. It is a small duct, high velocity central heating and cooling system, which means it is very non-invasive and highly efficient. Offering central air conditioning and heating, it’s a year round system for any home – existing or new construction.

SpacePak is the perfect solution for a central air conditioning and heating system for homes not conducive to traditional ducted systems.

Older homes are a perfect for this system. Most traditional heating and air conditioning systems are too destructive to older architecture when they are installed. You certainly don’t want to ruin the historic fabric or structurally compromise your old house! From classic Victorians and Colonial homes to modern custom homes and new additions, SpacePak brings cooling and heating comfort while preserving the structure, design and aesthetic integrity of your home.

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Let us fill you in on what this system is all about:

SpacePak is the original small duct air distribution system and has been successfully maintaining cooling and heating in homes through its unique energy efficient process for over 40 years. The system is designed for aesthetic appeal and flexible installation in both older homes and new construction homes. The pre-insulated 2-inch flexible ducts allow SpacePak Certified Contractors to install the SpacePak system throughout the home without major renovation or installation of obtrusive bulkheads and unsightly wall units. 

The many benefits of SpacePak include:

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  • Easy Installation without Major Remodeling
  • High Efficiency Cooling and Removes 30% More Humidity
  • Space-Saving, Aesthetically Pleasing Installation
  • Application Flexibility – Install Outlets Virtually Anywhere
  • Eliminates Drafts and Dead Zones
  • Superior Comfort with Unique Draft-Free Delivery
  • Whisper-Quiet Operation and No Bulky Wall Units
  • High Energy Efficiency to Lower Energy Bills

Draft-Free Cooling & Heating from Floor to Ceiling in Every Room

SpacePak pioneered and perfected the concept of ‘aspiration’ which utilizes a high velocity air stream to gently mix with the air in the room to create uniform, draft-free conditioning. With conventionally ducted systems and window air conditioning units, you commonly get hot and cold spots, as well as drafts. These annoying situations are virtually eliminated with the SpacePak system. Rooms stay a comfortable, uniform temperature, no matter what the season.

Inconspicuous to Fit in Any Décor

The whisper-quiet system is run by a blower unit small enough to fit inside an attic, basement, closet or crawlspace. Its inconspicuous air distribution outlets can be installed in ceilings, walls, soffits and floors throughout your home. Its small 2” flexible ducts fit into any architecture and interior design.

SpacePak offers the widest selection of outlets to suit other interior finishes and the most discriminating decorating tastes. From the classic look of brass to modern finished aluminum or even natural wood grain, there’s an outlet for every home.

Caption: Small, discrete outlets can be placed just about anywhere: in the ceiling, floor, and walls. They come in dozens of finishes, ensuring you’ll find one that matches your interior design.

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Preserves Architectural Integrity

Unlike conventional central air conditioning and heating systems that can require major demolition of existing building materials, SpacePak’s flexible, pre-insulated 2″ diameter tubing can virtually fit anywhere. It can be threaded through closets, in stairwells, or between wall studs or ceiling joists with minimal disruption to the living space. No major remodeling necessary!

Say Goodbye to Loud Systems

If you’re ready to say goodbye to fans and unsightly, noisy window air conditioning units, and your heating system is inefficient or leaves cold spots in your home, consider a SpacePak system. Put an end to hot, humid sleepless nights and fridged rooms, and enjoy the comforts only a small duct air distribution system can provide.

Gelinas HVAC a SpacePak Certified Contractor

Gelinas HVAC is the ONLY certified contractor in Maine for SpacePak, and we handle all of their service, replacement and installation needs. Please call us with any questions about how this system works, and how your home might benefit from a SpacePak system.

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