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Spring Cleaning Series – Heating Systems

Spring Cleaning for HVAC Series continues with Part 4, and we’re talking about your heating system. We know…we are all sick of our heating systems! But now is actually a GREAT time to attend to it, and you’ll be so relieved you did!

replace filters Spring Cleaning Series

Don’t forget to change the furnace filter one last time before summer. Allergy season is ramping up, and those last blasts of heat we use in the morning or on a chilly night are sending allergens right into our homes. You will also improve the efficiency of your system by keeping clean filters.

There are a lot of nasty things that can be lurking in your ductwork. Call a duct cleaning professional to have them cleaned to ensure you are not breathing in harmful pollutants. A duct cleaning appointment can also alert you to other problems you may not have been previously aware of – like mold.

NOW is actually an excellent time of year to have your annual inspection and professional cleaning done! Here’s why:

technician changing filter Spring Cleaning Series
  • Those noises or clangs you may have been wondering about are fresh in your mind to ask the technician about now; they will be a distant memory come fall.
  • The need for repairs, or major replacement, can be identified now and you will have a few months to get them done, making it easier on your planning and budget.
  • We are less busy now, so we can schedule your appointment at a convenient time for you.
  • You will be all set to fire that heating system up come fall – worry free!

Some projects require more than your standard yearly checkup, and if this is the case please contact us for an inspection!