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Time to Tune Up Your A/C Units!

Now that the warmer temperatures are on our doorstep, it’s time to give your A/C units a good check up to make sure they will be there when you need them. Making sure they are safe and clean will keep you comfortable and free from other hazards that they can present such as water damage, poor air quality, and even fire hazards.

A/C units

If you use window A/C units, there are several maintenance items you can take care of yourself. You will want to give it a good cleaning, replace or clean the filters, and check the drainage holes. Buy a coil cleaner, usually a spray or foam, that cleans and disinfects the coils. Most A/C units have drainage holes at the base, beneath the evaporator fins. These holes need to be kept clear so your unit can work properly, and so it does not back up and leak in your house. A paperclip or piece of wire works well to poke through these drain holes and clear any buildup.

Installed and central air conditioning systems should be serviced annually to inspect the coils, drainage and replace the filters. We inspect the entire system, clean the condensates drainage system of any debris, spray down and clean the coils, and check that the electrical system is working safely.

We get a lot of service calls for leaking air conditioning units. A properly maintained system cools better, lasts longer, and uses less energy – contact us today to schedule your annual tune up!