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Why It’s Important to Service Your Air Conditioning Every Year

Service your air conditioning regularly through annual inspection and cleaning to ensure your unit will run at top efficiency and keep the cool air coming throughout the warm weather season.

You depend on your air conditioning system to keep you comfortable when the weather gets warm. Regular maintenance helps your system produce and distribute cool air more evenly and dependably. It also reduces the odds that you’ll face a heat wave with a system that isn’t working properly (or at all) and then need emergency maintenance.

One thing is for sure – neglecting necessary maintenance of your A/C will ensure a steady decline in its performance and a steady increase in its energy use.

If you want to keep your air conditioner operating in tip-top condition, it’s important to have it checked every year. Here are 7 important reasons why:

Service your air conditioning & you will get ahead of the summer demand.

Getting an air conditioning tune up early in the season ensures your system is ready come the hot summer weather. Since you likely haven’t used it since last summer, it probably needs a good cleaning to run at top efficiency for the new year. You don’t want to hit the hot summer weather with an unexpected problem, so getting it checked now puts you ahead of the game.

Repairing air conditioning is more expensive than maintaining it.

It’s always more cost effective to get ahead of problems, or to fix things before they get worse and become bigger issues. Also, a breakdown during peak season means an emergency call-out for the repair, less time to find parts, and consequently a more expensive repair that could have been avoided.

Think of it like keeping your car tuned up and having the oil changed – it’s maintenance we do before there is something wrong to avoid problems and more costly repairs in the future.

Regular maintenance maintains maximum efficiency.

HVAC represents the largest utility bill in most households, usually almost 50% annually. If your A/C is not cleaned annually, efficiency can go down by as much as 5% each year. Dirt, debris and clogs in your system stop it from cooling properly and block air flow. Over time, this puts unnecessary wear on the motor, pumps and other parts. As part of annual maintenance your technician will give your unit a good cleaning which plays a large role in efficiency.

Service Your Air Conditioning

What an Annual A/C Service Typically Includes:

  • Replace the Air Filters
  • Clean & Inspect the Indoor and Outdoor Coils
  • Inspect the Condensate Pump
  • Check that the Thermostat Works Properly
  • Clean the Condensate Pump of Any Dirt or Debris
  • Visually Inspect the Entire A/C System
  • Clean Any Dust, Dirt, And Debris from Other Parts of the System

It increases the lifespan of your air conditioning system.

If you think repairs are expensive, think what an entirely new system will cost to purchase and install. It’s also very disruptive to replace systems. Common sense says that annual tune ups, along with being preventative maintenance, will catch any problems before they become larger repairs if ignored. Keeping your system in top condition will definitely lengthen its lifespan.

You keep your warranty in good standing.

Many manufacturer’s warranties require regular maintenance on units, and this is true for many air conditioner brands. Replacement parts may only be covered if the unit was given regular maintenance by a licensed HVAC professional. You can check yours under “Exclusions” or “Eligibility Requirements” in your warranty.

Annual cleaning is recommended by the experts.

It’s not just HVAC and air conditioning companies that recommend annual maintenance to keep your system working properly. Organizations including EnergyStar, the EPA, and the US Department of Energy all say annual air conditioner maintenance is essential.

Scheduling a tune up is easier and more convenient.

Naturally, when a heat wave strikes, people’s A/C breaks, and air conditioning companies get very busy, very quickly. When you have your system serviced before you need it, it’s likely that your service provider can accommodate your schedule, at your convenience.

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