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Why You Should Have Your Heating System Serviced NOW

Don’t let your heating system fail. We’ve already had some chilly mornings. Before we know it, those cold mornings will turn into cold days and nights. Don’t let the cold weather sneak up on you – be ready at the turn of a switch to keep yourself and your family comfortable and safe!

Why Annual Heating System Inspections are Necessary

Your heating system is one of the most important systems in your home or business. It can also be one of the deadliest! Making sure your heating system is inspected for safety from fire and deadly fumes is a critical component of your annual home maintenance efforts, and not something you should put off.

Your heating system is also one of the most expensive equipment to replace in your home or business. Keeping it in good working order ensures its longevity. You want to make sure your system is mechanically sound and in good working order. If there is a component or part that needs to be repaired or replaced, catching it early saves on needing more extensive repair costs.

Your annual inspection and cleaning also keeps your system working more efficiently, saving on energy and expensive fuel costs. Annual service maintains the reliability of the system as a whole for a longer lifespan. Reducing the amount of work that your boiler or furnace has to put into heating the building will save on wear and tear to the system, and will reduce the cost of your home heating expenses.

Get Your Appointment Scheduled at a Convenient Time for You

Unfortunately, many homeowners postpone their annual cleaning until we are in a real cold snap. This makes for a very busy time for service companies, meaning it will be more difficult to schedule a technician at a convenient time for you. HVAC companies will not only be doing the bulk of their routine cleanings, but they will also be getting more repair calls as people begin to use their heating systems regularly. This means fewer appointment times available to you. Having to take a day off, versus missing a couple of hours at the beginning or end of the day, is a much greater inconvenience.

You’re Ahead of An Emergency

The last thing you want is to discover your heating system has a major issue in the midst of needing it to keep you and your family warm! Emergency callouts are more expensive than work that it done on a schedule. It’s much wiser, convenient, and cost-effective top make sure your system is working properly and safely before you need it.

For a cost of $175 – $225 to make sure your heating system is in good working order NOW, you will save yourself big bucks down the road if you ignore things until they are BIG problems!

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Don’t Wait – Schedule Your Appointment Now for Peace of Mind

There is really no good reason to wait to the last moment to get your annual cleaning done now. Schedule your annual furnace or boiler maintenance now and you can save on time, money and possibly a whole lot of stress!

At Gelinas HVAC – We’re Here to Help!

Whether you have a furnace, boiler or heat pump, and use oil, propane or natural gas – we’re here to complete your annual heating system inspection and cleaning for you! Call us at 207-885-0771 to schedule your service today.

Our Response to COVID-19

We are committed to the safety and health of our customers and our technicians. We are taking all the necessary precautions and safety measures as recommended by state and federal agencies to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Read our full Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update.